White Tee Shirts

I lost my temper this morning, I really really did,

The whole street heard me scream you stupid stupid kid,

I wouldn’t have been so angry if I hadn’t taken such care,

That my child would have the correct clothes the ones he was supposed to wear,

He had to be dressed in a white school shirt for photos for his final school year book,

And to find a clean white tee shirt I had to really really look,

I started the search yesterday with time to spare galore,

Just in case I needed to pop out to the shop and buy him one more,

But to my glee I found a white tee shirt and it was basically clean,

Well there was a faint mark or two which could be barely seen,

I told my son to pack it in his bag until it was photo time,

Because otherwise it may get dirty from his usual type of grime,

Oh no don’t worry it will be fine he declared he seemed so very sure,

But it happened during breakfast, he was not even out the door,

Chocolate yogurt splattered down the front, we tried to wash it out,

But there was no way it would be transformed how ever much I did shout,

My silent scream is to whoever chose for every school event shirts of white,

You didn’t think of the little boys or the resulting environmental plight,

The pure white shirt is a phenomena which for boys does not exist,

So stop requesting such attire we mothers demand you cease and desist.

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