Independence Day

We’d seen the fireworks and said a prayer,

We’d watched the ceremonies and heard the mayor,

We’d listened to the pop stars and sang along,

With patriotic singing of only Israeli song,

And in the morning the kids partying all night,

My husband arrived home on an early flight,

No time to relax there were more things to do,

To celebrate Yom Haatzmauth as white and blue,

We sped to Tel Aviv straight to the sea shore,

And looked up at the sky until we saw,

The planes in the air show doing their tricks,

And we cheered and clapped and got our kicks,

As they zoomed this way and that and didn’t falter,

The yachts and boats saluting in the water,

There was no time to sunbathe, swim or stay,

If we wanted this to be a true Independence day,

We had to race back home and get out the meat,

To barbeque chicken and steaks which we could eat,

In pittot with pickles and chumus mind you only the best,

‘Cos only then would we truly pass the Yom Haatzmauth test.

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