Sef-Checkout At The Supermarket

One of the reasons I like walking is that I hate standing still,

So when I go shopping I’d do anything not to wait at the till,

The other day at the supermarket the queues were really bad,

Everywhere I looked at least three trolleys ahead, enough to make you mad,

It’s my usual habit at this point to leave my husband staring at the floor,

Because as I remind him I have to go and buy some things from another store,

But today even I felt bad to leave him there alone,

Although an hours wait is not so bad playing on your iphone,

And it was whilst in this dilemma that I spotted something new,

The self-checkout tills for independent use, that’s what we would do,

I expertly whizzed my trolley nearly and not nearly knocking everything in my way,

And smugly parked my cart at the new shiny line to pay,

But things are never simple as I very soon found out,

Did anyone know how this pay till worked I was beginning to doubt,

An employee ran this way at the waving hands in the air,

What’s the code for this and that, I was in complete despair,

A man was going at the pace of a snail, he would be there all night,

We would have been quicker in the regular queue, David had been right,

But my turn came eventually and it was like a game,

Swiping my groceries and racing the clock in order that I could claim,

That I had beaten all the other shoppers, competing was not a sin,

But I had a routine going and I was damned sure that I would win,

I huffed and puffed swiping this way and that until empty was my cart,

And I flashed a smile at all those still at it and some just at the start,

Well I can’t wait until next time that I can race the clock to pay,

It’s brought back to me shopping satisfaction in a very big big way.

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