Naughty But Nice

There was no health warning, nothing okay,

No writing that it was addictive in any way,

It can’t be legal to seduce you like that,

After only one taste to hook you hard, splat,

And then when you can’t do without it,

When you’re salivating for another hit,

They stop selling it, nowhere to be got,

The shelves empty, they’ve sold the bloody lot,

Of course I am talking about the pots of Milky cream,

Complete with spoon made of chocolate extreme,

And although it wasn’t the intended use,

I discovered it, this form of calorie abuse,

The Milky cream in my coffee is perfection in a cup,

Inducing finger scraping and licking to make sure I ate it all up,

And one tub could last me for several mugs,

Releasing endorphins as if I was enveloped in hugs,

But now I am just one more addict cold turkey I can’t go,

I’m nicking half of the top cream from regular Milky’s so,

They still look untouched while I get my daily fix,

The kids are happy, none the wiser of their mother’s tricks.

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