I’m Not One To Complain

I hoped that it wasn’t going to be one of those days,

But fate had decided to irritate and niggle Dalia Jayes,

It started at just past midnight, whilst I was asleep,

The kids screaming at each other awaking me from the deep,

Shut up I joined in until I escaped once more,

Into a dream as far as possible from the sibling war,

The alarm sounded and I shouted once again,

Wake up, out of bed and being not one to complain,

I carried on with this mantra for half an hour or so,

Until all of them were up and to school they would go,

And then I had to deal with the complaining that I,

Had not woken them nicely and there was no reason why,

A taxi ordered, peace and quiet for a bit,

But no the taxi had done them out of money the slimy git,

Not one to complain I called the rank and demanded,

My money to be returned and the driver reprimanded,

But no, there was nothing that they could do,

I could rant and rave and threaten to sue,

The phone rang in my ears and I answered the call,

Apparently the dustmen had been, but left my rubbish bin full,

Not one to complain I contacted the authorities to act quick,

The rubbish would lead to disease and vermin and make us all sick,

But alas the dustmen although not efficient were very fast,

They’d already left the city, the opportunity to return had passed,

It was only 9.30 in the morning and I decided I would,

Not go out or interact with the world in case I should,

Find fault or be made upset and it seemed that I may,

‘Cos I’d had enough complaints to last me all day.

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