A Case Of Wind 2

As the writer of this blog, I wanted to know,

What you the readers liked best of my posts and so,

I searched the site to see which one of my rhymes,

Was the winner, your absolute favourite of all times,

Wondering if it was humorous or arty that did it to you,

The silly, the angry or the personal pictures I drew,

It was important to me in order to provide,

Enjoyment and not just fulfillment of my egotistic side,

And lo and behold the result presented to me,

Was A Case Of Wind analyzing nature philosophically,

Begging the question of are you a deep thinking bunch,

But it seems not, more like philistines I have a hunch,

Don’t worry, I am not offended and I do not mind,

That you were after a tale of the farting kind,

It was the title which mislead you, it is to blame,

But now that I know it would be a shame,

Not to give you what you want, so watch this spot,

For the posting you’ve been waiting for you uncultured lot.

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