Increasing The Pace

I seemed to have reached my maximum walking speed,

And I can’t see it increasing much indeed,

Which is okay with me, after all it’s for fun,

And a chance to spend time outside in the sun,

When I am nearing home, perspiring a bit,

I can’t wait to rest, for the chance to sit,

And my pace slows down as I near the end,

After climbing a hill and then around the bend,

But I found out yesterday that I can go faster than I thought,

There is enough power in me to get the speed I sought,

As I approached the last furlong I heard my home phone ring,

And curiosity would not let me ignore this ding donging thing,

So I raced without thinking until I was at my front door,

And then leaped at the ringing telephone to ensure,

That I reached it before it had hung up on me,

I had to know who it could be,

And to my surprise the number that appeared,

Could not have been correct, it was too weird,

But then I looked down at the cellphone in my palm,

And saw that I had caused this telephone alarm,

I had accidentally pressed my finger on the home dial,

Not noticing as I concentrated on my walking style,  

Or perhaps it was my subconscious trying to hint,

That I should shut up and go faster with my hidden sprint.

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