The Exterminator

They are out and about everywhere,

To walk without looking down, I wouldn’t dare,

Because however disgusting cockroaches are,

Stepping on them is even worse by far,

I am not sure if it’s their shiny colour or where they have been,

Or their scuttling movement into everything unclean,

And then last week it got worse, the ants joined in,

They invaded my kitchen, they were out to win,

It was no comfort that apparently I am not alone,

There’s an epidemic in our city, I heard my daughter moan,

Escape was what I needed from these things that crawl,

Into the car, far away even further than the mall,

And it was by Tel Aviv that we stopped at the lights,

To the sound of music of tinny heights,

Coming from the vehicle next to us to my total shock,

The singing exterminator, I do not mock,

There were giant cockroaches dancing to a song,

And the promise of extermination if I am not wrong,

But not only of the dancing bugs would he get rid,

He’d give you a cd of the singing bugs, I don’t kid,

And I realized that there was nowhere to flee,

The jukim of Israel had united to laugh at me.

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