Exam Season

Exam season has started and I am finding it hard,

No parties or having fun, social life marred,

So much to remember, learning timetables to keep,

And all that reading so boring, mustn’t let them fall asleep,

Limited television watching, computer playing as well,

These electronic diversions sent from failure’s hell,

But self-control is needed if I want to succeed,

Or realize potential to its maximum indeed,

So I shout at the kids get out of bed,

You should not be sleeping, but learning instead,

You’ve wasted the whole morning and what are you doing now,

If you want to pass your exams, playing on iphones is not how,

And I can’t relax, lest the kids forget,

And think it alright to speak hours to their friends, that I let,

Oh it is so hard orchestrating their examination study,

It was different in my time, call me fuddy duddy,

It would be easier for me to learn instead of them all,

And sit the damn exams myself, I am no fool,

But alas it is their time to prove themselves and to show,

That their parents are doing their job forcing them to know,

All the facts and figures and other useless stuff to confuse,

Which from experience we know they will never use,

And they will only discover this a long time from today,

But tough luck if we had to do it so should they.

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