Learning Experience

After the Shavuot meal was eaten and the table was cleared,

It was to all night learning the boys disappeared,

And I went to bed to be woken at three,

Hubbie Dave had returned to wash the dishes with glee,

Sleep had deserted me the house was awake,

But it was all for a good cause for learning’s sake.

I passed up the suggestion that I could go out at four,

Apparently I hadn’t missed all the shiurim, there was still time for more,

Instead armed with wine and a book in hand,

I floated until I was back in noddy’s dreamland,

On the morrow I felt guilty I had not learned one little bit,

So I went to the women’s study gathering determined with grit,

But as soon as the speaker began to give her talk,

And the subject was aired, it made me baulk,

How women through the ages were not allowed to learn,

And I could not help thinking, could not help discern,

That this was having a negative effect it was annoying me,

Hearing about male injustice ignoring women intellectually,

So rather than risk questioning other ideas of these same men,

I stood up and walked out and left the circle of women,

Although more perplexed and bamboozled than I had been before,

I am certain I learned something, but of course I am not sure,

That maybe it wasn’t the men’s prejudice, but instead a cunning female plot,

To give all of us women a valid excuse when learning we are not.

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