The Missing Part

After walking many a walk, it came as a shock,

I was not the same person I had taken stock,

Part of me had disappeared along the way,

That part sentenced to exile, not to stay,

I had lost something the scales declared,

Leaving my body looking somewhat bared,

But what of me had disappeared without a goodbye,

Would it change who I was and if not why,

I fretted and fretted until I had a thought,

I would walk some more until I had caught,

That part of me hiding along my daily trail,

And find it I would, I would not fail,

But until I do, the same route I must go,

To hunt for my missing part high and low.

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2 Responses to The Missing Part

  1. Beattie Gellert says:

    Would it be your shadow? love Mum

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