The Queen And Her Flotilla

I was transfixed watching the royal flotilla,

The Queen, Duke, Prince Charles and of course Camilla,

The pomp that is British on full display,

Stiff upper lip, rain would not stop play,

And amongst all the splendor was one woman in white,

Pale and slightly frail on first sight,

But this woman, the queen was radiating to her nation,

Understated, businesslike absorbing the elation,

And what amazed me was her strength defying all,

No seat, no throne, not even a stool,

She stood for hours on a moving barge,

Decorated in red and gold like an Indian raj,

And she did not waver as far as I could see,

Whilst I found it hard for so long on my settee,

She must have been frozen in the cold English rain,

But her face showed no discomfort, it did not complain,

And I think that this is what makes this woman so great,

She gets on with the job forced upon her by fate,

And so I salute Her Majesty the Queen,

Britains most precious jewel she has truly been.

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