The Star Of The Jubilee Concert Is

I finally got the streaming going so that I could see,

The concert being held for the diamond jubilee,

Nothing was spared, the works for Queen Liz,

It was absolutely brilliant, the total full biz,

The palace transformed into a block of council flats,

A memorable decrowning moment typical of Madness acts,

Elton John, resplendent in pink showing everyone how to sing,

Sir Paul literally firing up the stage while doing his thing,

The musicians were top notch and so was the crowd,

A sea of red, white and blue lapping it up, easily wowed,

The royal family let their hair down, well as much as they could,

Sitting in the best seats, while the commoners stood,

There were comedians too making everyone laugh,

English humour at its best, perhaps a bit daft,

But the highlight of the evening was definitely near the end,

Prince Charles was the star of the night, I’m shocked I won’t pretend,

He spoke to the Nation, but mostly to Her Majesty the Queen,

Addressing her as mummy which just had to be heard and seen,

Everyone burst out laughing at the funniest line of the show,

It seems Charlie may have a new calling you never know,

He succeeded in bringing the first real smile to the Queen’s face,

Yup, being a mummy’s boy is definitely no disgrace.

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