Angry As A Dragon

You had better watch out if you see me walk by,

‘Cos I am spitting flames of fire low and high,

At least I would if I was a dragon to act how I feel,

The perfect way with my anger to deal,

But alas when I try to shoot fire from my nose,

Only snot is emitted not quite the intended pose,

I settle with hissing and seething in quiet,

Which is not that easy however hard you try it,

But no I must do something more effective,

Like shouting at my target elective,

So I phone the headmaster and sound very grim,

At least I would if he answered, I would scream at him,

I would tell him that the school screwed up badly,

And that my son will be the one to suffer, sadly,

That the person to whom my son dictated his exam,

Should not have gone home not giving a damn,

With only half the answers written down and not the rest,

‘Cos her bus was waiting and bugger my son and his test,

And that the school was complicit in this outrageous act,

And that somebody should be held responsible, possibly sacked,

But instead from the school I am told that I should not worry,

My son can repeat the exam next year, not even a sorry,

How true Einstein’s quote that ‘education is what remains after,

One has forgotten everything he learned in school’ I hear his laughter.

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