It’s Free

About a year ago the entertainment system failed,

In the airplane home in which hubbie Dave sailed,

And to make him feel happy and to compensate,

He was given a voucher for a film or breakfast date,

It had to be used within a year this feel good perk,

But it lay forgotten, hidden by a mountain of daily work,

When I discovered it, to find we were running out of time,

It had to be used this weekend or it wouldn’t be worth a dime,

I wasn’t going to let this gift go to waste,

So we bundled into the car and set off in haste,

From the list I chose a place in Mizkeret Batya for our free brunch,

Only to find this eatery had changed name and I had a hunch,

That the voucher would not be accepted and we would have to pay,

So I told hubby Dave we could most definitely not stay,

Instead we would go to Rechovot, to a café listed there,

Plugging the address into the GPS, so it would know where,

But half an hour later we had arrived in a street,

No restaurants here I noted with defeat,

We were in the wrong town it was as simple as that,

A little more driving and then we would be at,

A place that would take our coupon with a smile,

Two hours of driving was really worth our while,

And we finally arrived and were given our food,

Starving and dehydrated, and in a mood,

A table by the car park, with a view of the cars,

Underneath direct sunlight so we could see stars,

The cost of the eats would have been less than the petrol this far,

Lucky fuel was included with the company car,

And the hours of travel meant we had to go,

As soon as we’d stuffed the food down, but so,

At least we’d used the coupon and it was for free,

This bonus was not going to get the better of me.


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