That’s It, No More School

Sir, I would like to lodge a complaint,

I am not happy, I aint,

No, it can’t have been twelve years,

That you have educated our little dears,

It is definitely much less and so I demand,

That you take them back, keep them on remand,

I have realized that I don’t even know each name,

Of classmates and parents same,

I just got the hang of the bagrut system,

When you decide instead of school to enlist ‘em,

But I haven’t finished, I am not even near, sorry,

I want more rightful school related worry,

Will they be late, or bunk off today,

Homework not done, what will the teachers say,

Sir, they’re not sufficiently educated and nor am I,

To leave school, no return and to say a final goodbye.

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