The Play

We all wanted to be there to mark the occasion,

To watch our children’s play about an alien invasion,

We all wanted to be there we really did it’s true,

‘Cos that’s what good parents are supposed to do,

We wanted to see our child on stage saying his lines aloud,

Whatever type of performance he would make us proud,

And so we sat there from seven thirty when it was still light,

And we continued sitting patiently when evening turned to night,

We listened to the speeches and then we listened to some more,

And kept our eyes open when the entertainment started to bore,

And after several hours the show began, it was pretty good,

The first ten songs were great let it be understood,

But at ten o’ clock there were still twenty songs or so,

And all I wanted to do was get up and go,

The grandparents were the first to leave as quiet as could be,

They slipped out on tip toe lest anyone should see,

Next were the babies oh how lucky they all were,

They didn’t have another hour of show to incur,

But we gritted our teeth in determination showing our stamina,

And marked it for evermore stealing pictures with a camera,

Not too soon it was all over, the celebration had ended,

And we remarked to our children how it was absolutely splendid,

But as we departed cheerfully, no more theatrical pain and strain,

We were presented with the DVD so that we could watch it all again.

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