Snippets Of Conversation

The wind and an open window is all that it takes,

To blow your words a sundry like falling snow flakes,

And it was as I walked passed a building a week or so ago,

That I heard a snippet, the conversation whole I’ll never know,

It was a man’s voice, not elderly, but definitely not a child,

And the tone of the voice was not angry or wild,

There was hurt and upset and pride in the sound,

And the words were not casual, but deep and profound,

The letters bunched up to form words of speech,

Careless and unaware to whom they did reach,

‘Don’t pity me,’ were the three words, all that I caught,

Of what he was saying, showering me as I walked,

And I could not help wondering what he had meant,

Why any sign of hope or light was glaringly absent,

What had occurred or had happened to him,

For his voice to sound so pathetic and grim,

I’ve tried different scenarios in my imaginative mind,

But however hard I look, the truth I won’t find,

So next time you raise your voice whether in anger or not,

Understand the true power your words have got,

Not only to the person that you are speaking to,

But to the inquisitive stranger walking through.

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