Bone Breaking Humour

It’s a broken toe, a funny break,

Not a bruise that caused this painful ache,

A decree was passed, no camp this year,

No break for us, I shed a tear,

How many times have I told my son,

That he should be careful when he goes for a run,

That the army training he does is a dangerous sport,

Crawling in snake infested territory is not as safe as he thought,

When he cycles on the road, although he may look,

It’s the cars that I worry about not driving by the book,

And Karate with adults, kicking to cause injury and pain,

Will end in no good, but my warnings in vain,

I complain that too much screen time for him is bad,

Inducing antisocial behavior in a growing, young lad,

He does it all anyway and so why am I surprised,

That he’s broken his toe when he was advised,

‘Cos I’d overlooked the possibility of Ben watching Mr. Bean,

When Bean meets the queen, a particularly funny scene,

And that my son would laugh with such a force that,

His roar of laugher would crush his toe, splat…

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