Summer Holidays Of Gold

Half the price to go away in June,

But for the kids it’s just a month too soon,

I ask you why when the demand is high,

In July and August it costs double to fly,

Why should us parents be given a fine,

To fork out a fortune so that the kid’s won’t whine,

The tourist industry has conspired against us worldwide,

And it’s time us customers take action and decide,

Not to go away and if we do it en block together,

Never mind the tears and the boiling weather,

We will force change and the prices will drop,

And the screwing of us parents will come to a stop,

But alas I know that however logical this seems,

It’s as likely to happen as one of my dreams,

So instead of mutiny I will reluctantly join the masses this vacation,

Whilst petitioning to move the hols back next year countering price inflation.

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