I Smell A Rat

My neighbor rang to inform me, he had something to say,

He was afraid it might upset the rest of my squeaky day,

It was his duty to tell me that rats had been seen,

Up the tree and bougainvillea and in his garden so green,

But I should not worry as they were not the sewer variety,

Our neighborhood was much too posh for rats of that notoriety,

No, our rats were vegetarian, a more cultured type of rodent,

And there was something that could be done, we were not impotent,

I felt quite relieved that the rats were so high class,

Affirmation of our rank and station in the social ranking farce,

But it was upsetting that although I stare out the window each day,

I hadn’t seen even one rat scurrying on its way,

It seems that we are not good enough, this type of rat is a snob,

And so they’ve departed for greener pastures with better fruit to rob,

One can learn from this affair that it’s the kind of rat which defines,

Whether one’s position is within the upper or lower class lines.

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