Back To School


Well that was quick, it can’t be so,

Nine weeks gone, where did they go,

Come to think of it, I haven’t seen the kids,

Just an occasional flashing before my eyelids,

But maybe that was a dream I can’t be sure,

People coming over and knocking at the front door,

At one, two, three, four in the morning,

Any hour before a new day dawning,

Was the phone ringing and door slamming real,

Or the introduction of a post-midnight meal,

And when I woke from slumber to urinate,

Did my son really chat to me about the political state,

Daytime, the house quiet, just the sound of tapping on keys,

Symptom of a case of computer addition disease,

My youngest child in a trance not asleep, plugged into the game,

Twenty four seven, each and every day, computer same,

After all on holiday he had the right to play,

Not drugs, alcohol or violence, what could I say,

But now I need to find the kids and tell them,

To leave their parallel world and to condemn,

Their holiday existence to that other dimension they call school,

Where convention and obedience to adults rule,

I unplug one kid, bright eyed, I hand him his bag,

The other suffering from a new form of summer holiday lag,

Off to school, they are cruelly exposed to the outdoor and sunlight,

Phew, on their way to indoctrination by education, that must be all right.

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