Farewell Cellphone

It was time to work on my image and do exciting things,

To feel all those feelings that excitement surely brings,

And to help me in this endeavor I got into the car,

And was driven for many kilometres, it really was quite far,

But at last we arrived at the place where excitement was to begin,

And I started to regret it, as a sick feeling could be felt deep within,

It was thirty eight degrees outside, not much hotter could it be,

And the sweat poured in streams from where you could or could not see,

A million people lined up in a queue that was so very long,

Ignoring the heat and claustrophobia they could not all be wrong,

Patiently I waited hoping the kids would soon start to moan,

I began to feel excited, ‘cos then we could go home,

But this was not going to happen, no they were all revved up,

And even sat through the safety lecture, each eager as a pup,

We chose two-men boat things to raft down the river,

And despite the heat when we manned the thing I felt myself shiver,

It was every person for himself as we hit the water hard,

And I attacked the water with my paddle, with concentrated regard,

For the bushy banks and other rowers which threatened my way,

I did not intend on abandoning ship on this very exciting day,

I sort of got the hang of it enough to stay afloat,

And when I passed those less skilled I turned around to gloat,

Slightly damp was not so bad, at least it chilled me down,

I smiled a smile of contentment which quickly turned to a frown,

A waterfall ahead, excitement at its peak,

My knees did not feel so strong, they felt bloody weak,

It didn’t take long as we careered down the fall,

Soaked from head to foot, I didn’t look that cool,

The end in sight, a helping hand to get out onto land,

I turned it down, after all how hard could it be to stand,

But after I slipped and slid and my arms and legs flailed around,

I said bugger doing it alone and grabbed onto the lad without a sound,

And as I sat on the mud thinking the excitement had come to an end,

I found that everything in my bag was ruined and I won’t pretend,

I took it like a trooper after all I had managed to survive,

A cellphone is a small price for exciting and staying alive.

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