Foiled By The Alarm Clock

It was the alarm clock’s fault that he had woken late,

How could anyone hear it in a deep slumbering state,

Ben would not be able to meet his friends once again,

The guys would get to the beach on the nine o’ clock train,

So being such nice parents we offered to go out of our way,

And take him to Tel Aviv beach not far from Jaffa bay,

He was all smiles looking forward to the waves and sandy fun,

Swimming, and fooling about in the hot and humid sun,

The GPS informed us that we would get there fast,

He told his pals he’d ring them when Azrielli we had passed,

And before we knew it there was Tel Aviv in front of our eyes,

But the GPS made us exit before the city, the GPS so wise,

It knows where there’s traffic and even cops,

Cameras, diversions, accidents and hidden stops,

So who were we to question this amazing device,

Illogical or confusing we would follow its advice,

But it was obvious even to me direction challenged in extreme,

That we were travelling away from the metropolis seam,

At this point Ben tried to escape from the moving car,

Even though we contended that we really weren’t so far,

But far we were, the correct road, just the wrong city,

It would have been funny if Ben had been feeling witty,

Instead he hissed, Let me out, I’ll run, it will be quicker,

No we’re giving you a lift, we insisted, let’s not bicker,

And at last we resorted to telephoning for directional aid,

But only a slight difference to our orienteering this made,

Ben was very quiet after an episode of shouting,

Would he ever get there on this extended family outing,

And when at last the sea could be seen once more,

Ben didn’t care where he was and jumped out of the door,

But that hour and a half was not futile, it worked a charm,

Because next time Ben is determined to hear his alarm.

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