Perfect Wedding


Would we be here or would we be away,

We still hadn’t booked our summer holiday,

I couldn’t give an answer I avoided the call,

And when the bride’s mother rang I decided to stall,

I promised I’d let her know after the weekend,

She didn’t sound happy, she couldn’t pretend,

Holiday still not reserved I did not know how to respond,

So I hid from the phone and cast spells with my wand,

Until one day, it was her and I could not ignore it anymore,

So bravely I made my husband face the embarrassment in store,

The only answer we could give was no, although,

If home we promised ourselves, to the ceremony we’d go,

Our holiday arrangements got shuffled about,

And we found ourselves available without any doubt,

But what to do we did not want to offend,

After all this was the daughter of a very good friend,

So we went to the ceremony making sure we weren’t seen,

It was important that we’d witnessed it and that we’d been,

We tiptoed in and then tiptoed like thieves to the car,

And we would have made it if we hadn’t met the bride’s pa,

But he was oblivious and we escaped to a fast food joint,

And ate and toasted the happy couple, which was the point,

Of the celebrations we were missing, but which I did not miss,

After all there couldn’t be a more perfect wedding function than this.

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