The Filling

I couldn’t bear it any longer, it needed to be done,

And as my dentist couldn’t do it, I had to find another one,

I looked around for teeth men of considerable repute,

After all I wouldn’t let just anyone dangle with my root,

A name was chosen and his office was rung up fast,

And pleading for a cancellation an appointment was mine at last,

I had not eaten on the side where I knew there was decay,

And the dentist promised that he would make it go away,

He showed me to his torture chair, deceiving though it looked,

But it couldn’t be so bad, ‘cos his timetable was totally booked,

He fiddled with his instruments and I quivered at the sight,

I wouldn’t succumb easily I would put up a fight,

I clutched my hand and dug my nails and readied for the pain,

And then he came at me with the drill again and again,

Incongruous as this may seem when I looked at the dentists eyes,

They were ever so kind, misleading me with gentle lies,

He filled my mouth with scaffolding and screwed it tight, he did,

And just as I thought it couldn’t get worse, it went downhill I do not kid,

The buzzer that I’d hoped was extinct was brought out for show,

And all I could do was close my eyes and repeat no, no, no,

He finished up the job pouring metal into my mouth, to seal,

The gaping hole in my tooth that had hurt such a great deal,

When I was released at last, my legs could barely stand,

But I did not dally, not for a second once my feet felt firm land,

I scooted out of there, straight home to recover and forget,

Before I returned for the other cavities which I hadn’t dealt with yet.

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