Happy New Year

Rosh Hashanah is a time of mixed messages, confusing to me,

And after I have explained it, you will have to agree,

Good health and feeling fine is what we wish for,

Yet we spend two days solid eating until our stomachs are sore,

Getting fit is another resolution for the coming new year,

So why spend two days just sitting, do I make myself clear,

A year of prosperity for friends and for ourselves,

Yet we shop until we drop overfilling our shelves,

A year of family closeness, getting together with The relation,

But after two days of fighting, being alone is greeted with jubilation,

A year of spiritual growing is another objective,

But two days of prayer highlights something personally defective,

A year of socializing and entertaining the new and old friend,

It takes only two days of fraternizing and you’re going round the bend,  

So what is the answer, how can we stop all this confusion,

Not wishing for good health, prosperity, etcetera can’t be the solution,

And not praying hard and then not stuffing ourselves, is no option as well,

The alternative is less desirable, as far as I can tell,

There is only one conclusion that can be drawn from this enigma,

It seems that most of us suffer from the same problem, no stigma,

That what we want and what we do are not always the same,

Remember this when you pray for the new year, without shame,

So I wish for all of us that our positive thoughts and actions will be in line,

To make this year the best one yet and for goodness to shine,

On you and from you, my family, friends each and every one,

And with that my shana tovah greeting is finished and done.

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