Has Anybody Seen Winter – It’s Gone Missing

I am all for a bit of sun and cheer,

But summer has gone too far this year,

We’ve changed the clocks and gone back early to school,

But it seems the weather is no trickable fool,

Thirty, thirty one even thirty five degrees,

The only compensation a cloud and a burning breeze,

The other day even the sky had quite enough,

It started to sweat, in a real sort of huff,

Big drops of sticky perspiration dripped from above,

No relation to rain, not something to love,

If things don’t change I will have to interfere,

Air conditioning will be turned to freezing, donning winter gear,

Windows will not be cleaned until a shade of grimy grey,

So the outside will look like a very cloudy day,

Sprinklers will be pointed upwards to water the air,

Because winter will come one way or the other, I do declare,

I will keep you posted but for now I will settle for ice cubes galore,

To cool down enough for the energy to declare all out winter war.

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