Birthdays, Balloons etc.

He let go of his balloon near outer space,

And jumped free fall in a world record race,

And I watched and I could barely look,

Just in case I witnessed his life being took,

And I thought of that balloon which had provided his dare,

And then had just as silently disappeared into thin air,

And I thought and I thought until my birthday and then,

I was presented with a balloon, my own helium zen,

And I grabbed hold of the string and I jumped up high,

But very soon I realized that I was not in the sky,

So I went out and sat next to a child just turned four,

And I know that I was four and quite a bit more,

But he had a balloon to which he was saying goodbye,

And he was waving excitedly as it started to fly,

To the balloon and the dummies tied to it, that he’d once sucked,

Which with his infanthood and age three he had just chucked,

And I watched as the realization dawned on him,

Shock replacing the smiles as he questioned his whim,

And even though I was four and quite a bit more indeed,

I understood this aging process and followed his lead,

And so I got hold of my balloon and I attached something light,

Knowing that it would definitely float into the dark, dark night,

What it was I am not so very sure, perhaps just a change of number,

But it has gone, flown away leaving me no wiser, only humbler.

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