Lucky Me

I finished my walk feeling ready for the day,

But as I caught back my breath I noticed with dismay,

That my trainer was covered in thick mud on the sole,

From dodging the dogs into grass during my stroll,

And as if that was not annoying enough,

The cleaners had just washed the floor with their polishing stuff,

Well what could be worse than the mud and the dirt,

Oh no, not that, I sat up alert,

What if it was not mud that I had trodden in deep,

But a mound of doggy poo left in a hidden heap,

And if my nose would have worked as it should,

The distinction would have been obvious, it definitely would,

But my nose as it was, I had to take a big whiff,

And there was no longer a question of whether or if,

I thought I would vomit, I paled and I heaved,

And threw the offending object feeling most peeved,

And outside I had to clean it and get rid of the doggy doo,

While blaspheming at the owner who I would sue,

For letting their canine foul up the green way,

With non-environmental organic waste which stunk of decay,

And for making me feel no longer fresh, dandy or fit,

As my day had started with a piece of shit.

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