White Space

It resembled a wave like one found in the ocean,

Although this was stronger a peak of emotion,

A tear formed and slowly rolled down,

As they stood there dressed in splendid gown,

The salty drop as innocent as can be,

Moved from daughter to mother, so very catchy,

I saw my friend’s face contort, but to no avail,

As she was swept up, to try was to fail,

Their old world was ending making way for the new,

Things would never be the same, nothing to do,

And for that brief moment that I happened to espy,

It was difficult to discern all the feelings in that cry,

Memories from birth, childhood and growing up more,

Good and bad times of caring and being cared for,

Of letting go and being let go, to form branches on their own,

Of realizing that the time had come that she was fully grown,

Then just as the tear had suddenly appeared, it was gone,

The bride stood up, held by her parents, she shone,

And a smile played at the corner of her lips as she made her way,

To her groom and her new life on this her wedding day.

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3 Responses to White Space

  1. Liora - doting sister says:


  2. Beattie Gellert says:

    Mother – Fan No.1 – Absolutely beautiful

  3. What a beautiful poem!
    Its quite amazing how you captured the essence of our feelings at that very special moment
    and put it into a lovely poem!
    Yvonne and Chaim
    Parents of the bride

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