Private Gabriella

She was ready as ready could be,

Not sure the same could be said about me,

Shopping for months for new clothes to wear,

For that elusive white T-shirt with perfect flair,

Long sleeved, short sleeved nothing too meek,

Thicker, thinner and thermal, but definitely chic,

Manicured and pedicured, nails gleaming bright,

Preparation of female weaponry for stunning first sight,

Massaged and oiled to get into the mood,

Wined and dined on the best of food,

Daily coffees, lattes and cappuccinos with cream,

All night parties to let off steam,

A bag overweight spilling out of the top,

With coordinated toiletries, where to stop,

And with difficulty she managed to lift her rucksack,

And carry it on her post massaged shoulders and back,

And us parents we excelled in embarrassing our child,

While the boys chucked snow balls, restrainedly wild,

And then it was time when we would see her no more,

When she would be off and walk through the door,

To wear her new clothes by the dunes of sand,

With the possibility of getting fit and tanned,

But we knew she was ready as ready could be,

Not sure the same could be said about the army.

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3 Responses to Private Gabriella

  1. Liora - doting sister says:

    That’s our Gabs…

  2. Liora - doting sister says:

    I should sign this doting aunt

  3. Beattie Gellert says:

    I am so proud – Grandma

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