So my brave soldier set off on her first soldier day,

And before she could sneeze she was whisked away,

To the military center for mass inoculation,

For vaccination of the new recruit population,

The nurse was no nurse, a hormonal medic would do,

And my girl thought what’s so bad about getting the flu,

But there was no getting out of it, no escape in sight,

As the medic started shouting and got into a fight,

As she stamped her feet and waved the needle about,

Looking for a target, my daughter no doubt,

The medic was reprimanded and given time out,

Perhaps to self-medicate against a rant and a shout,

At least the medic was lucky she was in the right place,

There was every possible vaccine in front of her face,

And the brave soldiers heroically received their jabs,

Even those that felt more like war wound stabs,

And my daughter put on a face that pain she could stand,

But it was too much for the soldier opposite who grabbed hold of her hand,

Oh our brave soldiers on the way to the front line,

The first shots were fired and you all did fine.

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