Everyone Loves A Nice Election Day

Left wing, right wing, center, don’t you worry,

Our politicians hop from bed to bed without so much as sorry,

Experience and understanding are not important too,

A journalist or pretty face will just as much do,

Honesty and integrity should not be a concern,

Of criminal offences they can surely learn,

Oh how we love election day, democracy at its best,

A day to choose what we want and I do not jest,

Should we barbecue or go on a strenuous, long hike,

Perhaps go out to eat or exercise on the bike,

Should we go to the sea or hang out with friends,

Or sleep and eat the day away until it surely ends,

We can choose to do what we want and get to do it yes,

Where as far as getting what you vote for, is anybody’s guess,

But one thing is for sure and that is we all agree a day off is great,

And should be adopted weekly by the new government of the state,

So until the results are in, carry on holidaying away,

Because left, center or right, tomorrow will be just another working day.

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