A Puddle Of A Swearing In

Basic training in rules to be obeyed,

Even blowing ones nose to be okayed,

Must be drilled into the new recruits until,

The army way breaks their teenager’s will,

And only then invitations are sent to the nearest kin,

To witness the ceremony of swearing in,

And after driving for miles following the GPS,

The exact secret location of which we had to guess,

A traffic jam in the dessert revealed the spot,

Someone’s exposed bottom marking it, I kid you not,

We had arrived on time and we were not late,

It would not have done to make the army wait,

And amid the dryness of the desert and the dust,

We searched for our daughter and then just,

As we saw her it was time for it to start,

And they came in procession, acting the part,

And I felt so proud that she marched so well,

Although it may not have been her, I couldn’t tell,

It was all going perfectly, a crowd of emotion,

When the sky turned grey and I had a notion,

That although it never rained in this arid place,

Today, this was not going to be the case,

And it hailed and it poured, lightning and thunder,

The army faced with a meteorological blunder,

The soldiers, defenseless, dripping from foot to head,

Until the last gun was presented, but then instead,

Of carrying on whilst our children were inflicted,

Shouts from parents, the officers no longer conflicted,

The swearing in was brought to an early conclusion,

And everybody ran in the flood and confusion,

To take shelter from the attacking water,

A secret weapon this hydro mortar,

But our soldiers faced this battle with such pride,

Basic training in flood and dessert they had survived.

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