Banishing IT

It’s nothing she said of the innocuous lump,

And she got on with living, banishing the bump,

And even when it was clear that she was in fact sick,

She ignored the squatter, so that IT would not stick,

She told IT quite clearly that IT didn’t belong,

And then surgically removed IT, bidding IT so long,

To prevent IT from taking advantage of her generous self,

She chemically attacked IT, for the good of her health,

And throughout this war, which she wages right now,

Her tremendous spirit soars showing everyone how,

The IT does not have the power when up against HER,

It will not stop HER laughing, it will not deter,

HER in the journey along the path she is travelling on,

A slight detour that’s all, until IT is gone,

And I watch from the sidelines at my friend, this SHE,

And hope it will not be too long before she is fully healthy.

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