The Matza

The modern Israeli is known for inventing the new,

From flash drives, quasichrystals and cherry tomatoes too,

But what most people don’t realize is we learnt this long ago,

From the very beginning, I will have you know,

Clothing to hide nakedness for Adam and Eve,

A novel use of vine leaves I believe,

Noah’s ark the first recorded sailing craft,

Measurements and details for the technically daft,

Going straight from the flood to the Passover story,

Farewell to slavery and hello to freedom and glory,

We are told that matza was born from escaping haste,

But I wonder if it was not intentionally designed for its form and taste,

No complicated rising to make the baking fail,

Easier for transporting when on a dessert trail,

Quicker process, less ingredients and cheaper to make,

Could this be the serendipitous result of a timing mistake?

Or an act of genius, resulting in the prototype cracker,

For a fleeing Israelite or a modern day snacker,

So next time you’re told not to hurry, don’t heed,

‘Cos sometimes for success, speed is just what you need.

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