Ooh, ooh, lying there was a rodent type of creature,

Dead on the lawn with at least one ratty, rat feature,

It must be just a one off thing, no sewers or sanitary failing,

A neighbor’s gerbil or a hamster pet which had been hurt or ailing,

But cautious as I cannot help be, when a few days had passed,

And a barbeque was planned for sups, I told my son to blast,

The grates with soap and water and then intense fire too,

Just in case Roland had been in there or used it as a loo,

But when the clean grill was replaced, ready for the food,

A cry of disbelief could be heard from what had been wooed,

A tail was the only evidence of what had just crept in,

But what if the flame had been lit I couldn’t help thinkin’,

Hubbie Dave, brave as a warrior released it from the grip,

As I shut my eyes and tried to control my wobbling, lower lip,

Since then, we are busy with a new zoological recreation,

Trapping the trespassing Rolands in disguised desperation,

Identified as tree rats, high class rats befitting to be sure,

The municipality and our endeavors ensuring there’ll be no more,

But there still remains the question of when we will be able to eat,

From the barbecue without memory of near roasted rodent meat.

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