Perfect Beach Time

I sat there on the beach and nobody, not a soul was about,

I could have any spot I wanted without a bicker or a shout,

I could wear what I wanted without being judged as thin or fat,

I could forgot about sun tan cream and toss away my hat,

There was no sun beating down on me, no worry of wrinkles,

No competition for collecting of shells, fossils and periwinkles,

No there was none of that, and I don’t know why,

Sipping on my hot coffee, I contemplated with a sigh,

The rain has stopped, the wind was absolutely wild,

Not freezing cold, although unseasonably mild,

My fur lined boats were sand and sea proof wise,

Whilst my hair danced to the wind covering my eyes,

And what with the hair and my glasses sea sprayed,

A forced game of blindfold sorts was tried and played,

And the tide was pushed in stealing the beach and sand,

But I was not deterred from the stroll I had planned,

And it was bliss, the sea showing its true, powerful face,

No need for it to hide behind a postcard sunbathing place,

Because nobody was there to witness it alive, only me,

I wonder if you have every really seen the sea, d’you see?

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