Learning The Lotto

Fifty six million, it’s yours, you will be rich,

If you fill in a lotto ticket, but only in which,

You have all six numbers pulled out in the draw,

And also the lucky one, that’s only one more,

And so I put on my walking gear and sped to the booth,

Not looking too eager, would have been uncouth,

And I joined the queue of potential investors stood there,

Serious in their gambling, no fuss or fanfare,

Where it was pointed out to me by my friend Debbie,

That all the waiting men shared a similar pot belly,

And funny enough the other woman and myself,

Were both decked out sporty, as we contemplated wealth,

The choices and combinations, my mind was a blur,

I wondered if the competition would be willing to confer,

Helpful they were, as if I had no chance,

They looked at my form with a sniggering glance,

And informed me the form I had carefully filled in,

Was not going to work if I wanted to win,

It was the wrong bloody form that I held in my hand,

No double jackpot as I had planned,

I lowered my head in shame at my error,

Not wanting the regulars to witness my terror,

But they were too busy with rituals and charms,

To worry about me and the numbers in my palms,

I gave the lotto man my ticket and I turned to go,

And imagined winning the money, a billionaire although,

My excitement was actually about playing the game,

And I realized winning or losing it was all the same,

For a miser like me who does not care to spend money,

For an anti-consumer winning would be ironically funny,

I had no need for the millions, I had quite enough,

To be happy I did not need to buy any more stuff,

But I still would like to do the lotto again and again,

For that thrill of maybe winning impossible to explain.

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