Shana Tova


Time is made of moments that pass so very fast,

If only we could select them, and make some last,

Moments of happiness, of laughs and smiles too,

Without stains of sadness, only light shades of blue,

Moments of doing, of creating, of work and toil,

Pillowed with bursts of rest, rejuvenating oil,  

Moments made of family, loved ones and good friend,

To accompany us on our journey from start to end,

Moments made of feeling strong, healthy, fighting fit,

Crushing those moments of illness with which we are hit,

Moments of having all that we want, feeling so very rich,

To inject those moments of emptiness when life is a bitch,

Moments of learning from everything and also everyone,

Making up the path to understanding, the process just begun,

To you my friend I wish, as you embark on a year, new, once more,

Only moments that you have chosen, golden moments galore.

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