That Scary Beast Called Failure

On the path I gazed ahead to check which way to go,

Where success lay ahead I needed to verify, to know,

It sent a messenger wrapped up in a new, golden idea,

And beckoned me to follow it, to create without a fear,

But behind me came running a scary beast indeed,

A grabber of all ideas, which ate them stalk and seed,

Its friends were lurking by the sides of the road I walked,

Still I carried on the chosen route, even though I baulked,

As the scary beast got nearer, I had to change my track,

But I kept on towards success, I did not slow or slack,

When it nearly caught up with me and opened up its jaws,

I cooked my idea further so that it would burn its mouth and paws,

The scary beast tried blowing my idea right out of my hand,

So I made it so much heavier than I had originally planned,

The scary beast thought it had stolen my idea from me,

I saw it cradling a spark or two, but it did not see,

That I now had a ball of fire and the path was all ablaze,

And the scary beasts only made it bigger, using their scary ways,

I reached the place I had seen success and I was shocked to find,

A scary beast standing there looking the same as his friend behind,

And it pointed north, east, south and west, to the idea burning bright,

Illuminating the scary beasts of failure which weren’t out of sight,

The scary beasts of failure marking and forming the path to success,

Not made to eat up ideas, but to shape them with failure’s hard caress.

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