It was at the supermarket where all I wanted was cheese,

Where I waited innocently between the counter and frozen peas,

Soon it was my turn to be served and I raised my eyes to the man,

Who was proudly pointing at his assortment for any true fromage fan, 

I am not sure why I felt it, but I got a funny feeling,

Possibly reminiscent of some previous delicatessen dealing,

I hadn’t even opened my mouth when he smiled at me, and,

Proclaimed that he recognized me from the way I stand,

I thought I may have misheard him, I’d only been there once before,

But he carried on telling me that it was my posture he did adore,

I needed to make a quick escape but not without my cheddar,

I cursed my husband, nowhere to be seen, who was never,

There when I needed him to rescue me from a cheesy situation,

So I had to take matters in my own hand and with a feeling of elation,

I told the man he’d viewed nothing yet, the way I walked he hadn’t seen,

And I flapped my arms and bent my knees moving in a duckwalk preen,

Figuring that next time I was at the cheese counter he would stay right clear,

And concentrate on serving anybody else, preferably a bent old dear.

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