Geeks Night Out

An evening of networking sounded all right,

No lecture, a film and pizza which might,

Be fun and rewarding and may as well,

Be a chance to plug my skills and sell,

I commandeered the troops, the husband I mean,

Awkwardness protection, although I was keen,

And I dressed up all trendy and so very cool,

Including accessories, hubbie and all,

We arrived at the location, a little bit late,

A hi tech and google place for a date,

Greeted by just four people, with us there were six,

No way of escaping unnoticed, we were in a fix,

So I introduced myself and listened to their talk,

Computer gobbledygook, but I didn’t baulk,

No work opportunities, that was for sure,

From this male meetup of only four,

And the film was Star Wars, not Star Trek,

But I was up for it, what the heck,

One of the lads made microwave popcorn, served coke,

Would have been nice, but for the smoke,

He had burnt the kernels, miscalculation I think,

Freezing outside air to get rid of the stink,

The lad sounded nervous and rather mellow,

Would anyone notice the microwave was now yellow,

I mused perhaps the microwave had adopted a disguise,

Prompting creativity with a beam of surprise,

The film was watched as we munched away,

The force had found me, it was here to stay,

Lightsaber power for having a good time there,

Not selling, but sold on being geeky and square.

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