When Words Fail You

Whilst conducting a conversation the other day,

A professional dialogue by telephonic way,

I criticized and approved and acted the part,

Of an upwardly mobile female upstart,

I had never met this man at the other end,

He was just an Email address to whom I send,

Files and notes, any work relevant thing,

And whom I occasionally need to ring,

And all of a sudden, quite out of the blue,

My throat stuck dry, not much to do,

Tried coughing up some misdirected gunge,

To expel the mucus with a hacking plunge,

But the cough turned into a choke quite bad,

And I lost any vocal ability that I had,

And the man I had never met was heard at the other end,

Offering good health wishes did he proclaim and send,

And in order to solve my problem which was oratory,

I poured water down my throat, totally exploratory,

And next I tried tea, while I wheezed and spluttered,

Until a few words could be croakily muttered,

I cannot speak something’s ailing me,

But the words were unneeded, you see,

All that was necessary was to put down the phone,

And suffer the choking without embarrassment alone.

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