Not So Healthy Sport

It’s not healthy sitting there in front of a screen,

Hour after hour, not moving I mean,

You should be outside with friends in the fresh air,

Playing football, or doing any sport I declare,

Sports is healthy for your body and your mind,

And therefore should not be neglected and declined,

In favour of the computer, iphone whatever,

Just remember you will not be young forever,

And so my son decided it was not worth his while,

To argue this issue and enrolled with a smile,

To taekwondo lessons to learn how to fight,

To strengthen his muscles for optimal might,

And he may even learn some moves to use,

In his electronic games to win and not lose,

It was all going so splendidly well,

Until he hit someone, which made them both yell,

And he discovered that bone was hard as stone,

When punching and when kicked making you moan,

It was after an incident of such a kick and a punch,

That my son told me that he had a hunch,

His hand was broken from this sporting spar,

And that I had better take him in the car,

To the accident and emergency where we would see,

Whether I was right and sports was so healthy,

Although his hand was broken I was not wrong,

He may not be able to move it, but for not that long,

I think I will leave him, plugged in safely, at his seat,

For assault, which is virtual and reversible defeat.

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