Did I See A Poppy

I thought I saw a poppy, but I cannot be sure,

I looked at the green cast grey, flowerless before,

And I saw what looked like a flash of velvet red,

A sign of Spring, of hope that would spread,

And my mouth creased into an uncertain smile,

As I felt it’s wonder enter me for a while,

But I couldn’t be sure it was a poppy at all,

Maybe it was an illusion of light fooling a fool,

I couldn’t be sure unless I stayed there holding it,

But I was pulled away by life, moved just a bit,

Did I see a poppy, please tell me it was real,

You have no idea how happy I would feel.

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One Response to Did I See A Poppy

  1. Beattie Gellert says:

    A truly beautiful poem – Mum

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