How To Make A Cast

I can’t believe I have been told off,

Huh, you may snigger and quietly scoff,

But I have been humiliated, disgraced,

My parenting skills dismissed, effaced,

And it’s the fault of a questionable cast,

Which disintegrated much too fast,

In fact three casts in just one week,

Is apparently much too much to seek,

But how does one expect a boy,

To test the limits of his new plaster toy,

To see if it bends and withstands oil,

In fact to check how he can permanently soil,

This covering made of pristine white,

Clean, all one color and much too bright,

Whoever designed this broken bone tool,

Must have been naïve, a sonless fool,

White does not exist except when new,

That’s why boys dress in black, brown or blue,

And although they don’t like to wash ever,

They have the inherent ability of never,

Being far from water, spills and little leaks,

Male characteristic, nature speaks,

And the doctor scolded and threatened me,

That my son’s plaster he would not see,

If we returned again in need of repair,

But I did not cower, nor did I despair,

Instead I sought out on the amazing internet,

Do it yourself arm casts, how to apply and set,

And I’m sure it can’t be very hard, no,

I’ll show that doctor that I’m a pro,

And in the meantime my son knows,

For a month clean is out and dirty goes,

He is worried to bathe or use his hand,

In case the cast cracks, starts to disband,

Because then mother will set to work,

To wipe away the doctor’s smirk,

And in danger, will be his right hand bone,

Left to amateur orthopedics, home grown.

Which instead of fixing his hand which is sick,

May damage his right hand computer click.

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