Bug Free

I think there must be a global plot and plan,

To decrease the world population’s lifespan,

Since I can remember we have been told,

To eat fruit and vegetables, young and old,

For vitamins and optimal health to be sure,

Different colors, green, red, yellow and more,

Most of the good stuff is stored in the peel,

So don’t discard it, if you want to feel,

Fit as a fiddle and thin as a rake,

Fresh is the best way, don’t cook it or bake,

But what they forgot to inform us fools,

Is that bumper crops need biological tools,

Pesticides, insecticides, herbicides at that,

To make the fruit and vegetables big and fat,

And so when we eat our so healthy greens,

Apples, peaches, potatoes and beans,

We also get served a cocktail for free,

Of chemicals sprayed on bush and tree,

The alternative is eating organic veg,

Chemical free is the promised pledge,

But remember they are fertilized with shit,

Insects abundant, off putting a bit.

As the media has lied to you and to me,

About what is and what isn’t healthy,

We might as well eat chocolate and pie,

At least a more tasty way to die.

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