The Gas Man

A notice arrived that I should expect,

The gas man who would come to inspect,

Our inlets and outlets were safe from a leak,

And he would be there already this week,

In fact, the letter told me to wait in all day,

Me fuming that wasting my time was okay,

And he came this man to identify,

If any escaped gas was floating by,

He was equipped with piping and gauges galore,

And a working nose one could not ignore,

And he asked me seriously to lead him to,

The subjects, my stove and the gas barbeque,

Looking them in the eye he fiddled around,

And even I could hear the hissing sound,

The grill in the garden was pronounced fit,

It was safe to be used and generously lit,

And then he ventured to where I cook,

And gave it an appraising professional look,

He raised it up from the counter top,

And beckoned to me as he came to a stop,

Pointing underneath to convincing evidence,

Of remnants of food that had taken up residence,

But this was solid and not his domain,

One look from me made this fact plain,

And after ten minutes he reconnected the hob,

Putting burners on full power, he twisted each knob,

But why could I now smell sulfur where,

Earlier my house had been full of fresh air,

And why did the igniter not work anymore,

Time to show this technician to the front door,

And opening the windows because of the gas leaked,

I pondered the safety of his work that still reeked.

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